All-in-one setup can be found at Universal Event Productions where all the hardware are customizable to your event setting. We have a powerful technically strong backstage support where you as an event organizer can just sit back and relax.


Stage is a place where your amazing show start, leave it to us to do the stage setup where it will be safe & comfortable to do all the presentation. Our stage setup team will ensure all setup are fast & reliable. Our trusted stage setup team will ensure that the stage is well-prepped and ready for the show.


Reliability and quality is core to our sound system rental package. Our sound systems are strongly backed up and managed by our professional sound crew to hyped up the atomsphere.


Stage lights are an important aspect in an event where our vast experiences showed that our light systems able to illuminate & customize to your stage size. Our light systems will further enhance the stage performance & let the audience enjoyed it to the fullest.